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God is a lie

God is a lie.
Religion is a lie.

The idea of a supreme being, is not the same as an active supreme being in actuality.

I can not coexist with any being who deny the truth.

I will make a way for the physical sense of body.

And destroy that which exists to be destroyed.


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For the later, if such, I'll postpone greater, to come in touch,
with that, which releases my thesis, in all black contact,
but brighter light, unlike night while outshining days' might,
you can be as you are, as that will be who is tomorrow,
I move in a way that's diversive , with purpose to divide this circus,  beyond the purchase,
of proof, I'd raise the roof to this house of cards,
instead I move with wind, so its a win win, not to when I don't got to,
embedded in the universe I know ways to crunch little minimal animals,
the damage can be much but I don't bother with certain pain of the such,
is problematic to the cause of the usual divine habits of  habituate pure satisfaction,
don't be mislead by situate disconception  into occupying a dirt address,