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dreams are a what

why the fuck do i keep dreaming about stupid shit.
why the hell do stupid as dreams come true, i know a bunch of dumb shit contrary to my reputation , this shit i something i can not except, I cant not work with people that do stupid ass shit in my dream, if there is no god, what is super human?

i feel brainwashed, why the fuck do I see such blasphemous things immediately when i shut my eyes, i hate having to aggressively come at society because of the way people decide the be. i rather the world be destroyed then to feel impressions by everyone else wills and demands, you will see me for who i am or not see me at all.

  1. if any dream becomes physically actual that gives speculation, as to destiny and physics.
  2. i do believe ignorance out ways good I'm life, because the fact that I keep having dreams about the minute stupid shit that i think about and not the things that I actually do work hard at meditating on, which upsets me due to that fact that I then have to spend just as much or if not more time on these useless vision, when the energy could be used in other places. this is why its better to be alone then with people whose images will hinder your progression, if you understand.
  3. I have come to believe because of the way life is, there are no real lawyers or doctors on his planet.

the explanation of an idea or judgment of the body, I will explain all in more detail ... to be continued.
 for example, if you dream of someone saying something that you would not speak, and then moments in time later, the same words get uttered out of the individuals body mouth, it would make one think as to what is going on around them. especially when people are quick to say that dreams are not reality, carry on.

this is not a gift of my, i consider this as an act of war on my mind, but i do appropriate the fact that I know how real dreams actually are.

when this occurs I used to wonder if it was just the thoughts' belonging to people and their energy was being projected in to my mind. until I started to notice how people would gain and harm from this among other things, knowing this and trying to carry out a life to make use of the hindering ability has been both interesting and exhausting . In the end the only result that matters is weather I am found to be correct or damned, either way the dreams persist because I have not choose but to become tired, and when I awake I will be ready for war, as always.

(elana palmer) One time when visiting a friend of mine, when I had spent the night I dream of her mom visiting her with a blender in her hands. the next morning she told me that her mom was coming to visit her and that it would be better is she didn't see me there even though she know me, so I went to the church event across the street and waited, after her mother finished her visit, had my friend told me that her mother had brought a blender for her but dropped and broke it while she was there. A couple of years later at some point in time I started to see this a good friend of mine  in my dreams again as usual ,in in my dreams I would see her as if she had a penis and wanted one, I couldn't make this out, I didn't think anything of it until I woke up in speaking the continuation of her sentence which was "*my name* I can't take this anymore", which enraged me, because I felt as if I was being possessed by another spirit , as if the spirit was channeling its life though me, I don't like the thought of feeling as if I am not in control of my own body., during that time she had been trying to get in contact with me but I wasn't speaking to anyone. When I had a chance to call her an check up on her (maybe within a half a year or a year) she had told me in her new deeper voice and through a text and message on Facebook that she was now a guy. 


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