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God Knows Nothing

Deception is not what I believe in, you fucking idtiot.
Look you dumb shits, I made the blog for there to be a definitive solution, I don't want to dream of any of you anymore, if I do were going to have serious problems, I don't want your money because I don't want your problems, do not fucking keep wasting my time, you fucks keep trying to play me into YOUR grave, leave me the fuck alone you damn leach, parasitic fuck, non believing ASS.
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Think not

Some fucking people just don't get are you gonna cross with guy how slept in box, by the docs, outside in the wild like fox, by the fox, where the cops and fed be at, beside the church by where the sleep meds be at, where the kids smoke and fuck, and watched me sleep for a long time, he said life hard huh. I said oh shit, nah it could be worse, this is where you fake ass lawyers be for the courts, I was there for a long time with out any fucking money working on my craft, so when you start to fuck with me I can't help but laugh, shit ain't funny to me so I got grin stuck on my face, leave me the fuck alone you haven't been in my place, and even if you have my point was the cross, so if you don't have any truth for me get lost. Think not, I don't intend on bathing in wonder, I'm just board from no lighting and thunder. Nuke this reality for the love of God, you fucking dumb ass's should of gave me those jobs. But it w.e., even if I was payed, time…

R & D : extrovertive reconcliation

source: Need to sleep on that big decision? Your dreams might influence your final choice, suggests new research.
Scientists disagree as to what extent dreams reflect subconscious desires, but new research reported in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (Vol. 96, No. 2) concludes that dreams do influence people's decisions and attitudes.
Social psychologists Carey Morewedge, PhD, at Carnegie Mellon University, and Michael Norton, PhD, at Harvard University, conducted studies to find out how people respond to their dreams. Their study of people in the United States, South Korea and India found that 56 percent, 65 percent and 74 percent of respondents, respectively, believe that dreaming reveals hidden truths.
The researchers then wanted to know whether dreams could influence people's decision-making. They asked 182 Boston commuters to consider which of four scenarios would most likely change their flight plans: the gov…

dreams are a what

why the fuck do i keep dreaming about stupid shit.
why the hell do stupid as dreams come true, i know a bunch of dumb shit contrary to my reputation , this shit i something i can not except, I cant not work with people that do stupid ass shit in my dream, if there is no god, what is super human?

i feel brainwashed, why the fuck do I see such blasphemous things immediately when i shut my eyes, i hate having to aggressively come at society because of the way people decide the be. i rather the world be destroyed then to feel impressions by everyone else wills and demands, you will see me for who i am or not see me at all.

if any dream becomes physically actual that gives speculation, as to destiny and physics.i do believe ignorance out ways good I'm life, because the fact that I keep having dreams about the minute stupid shit that i think about and not the things that I actually do work hard at meditating on, which upsets me due to that fact that I then have to spend just as much or i…